Prep Staying Power

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Prep Staying Power

When your child enters the prep classroom, there is a high level of expectation for their attention across extended periods of time. For many prep kids, this can be a very difficult adjustment and many can feel overwhelmed.

Attention is so important to school life, and a child’s ability to listen and concentrate for set periods of time in a classroom is something that you can prepare them for in the comfort of their home environment. If your child can enter prep on day one, equipped with attention skills and their innate thirst for knowledge, they will adjust more quickly to the classroom and have the best opportunity to succeed.

As teachers,  often we see children who have not experienced structured activities and play prior to starting school. Subsequently, their attention span and tendency to become distracted in the classroom is exaggerated. Children can be encouraged to work independently for short periods and to control impulsivity. Structured activities and structured play does not mean being tied to a desk, but instead being encouraged to focus on an a particular activity for a set time. This too can be fun!

All Read Write Ready games and resources are designed to develop your child’s ability to focus and concentrate.  


Home tips to get Attention Ready

  • Encourage your child to focus on a structured activity for a short time every day. Make sure the activities you choose are engaging and not too difficult.
  • Make sure you consistently praise your child for doing well.
  • Before you start an activity, make sure your child is looking at you and is ready to listen.
  • You can use a reward system or sticker chart for correct behaviours.
  • Give your child lots of opportunities to run around and be active in between more focused activities.
  • Start with short focused activities and gradually lengthen them. Keep activities motivating and engaging.