Product of the Month – Take The Cake

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Product of the Month – Take The Cake

take the cake childrens game product

Take the Cake is a simple game that’s pure fun! Shake the sprinkle shaker and see which colourful shapes spill out. If any match a cupcake, place them on the card. If you match all the shapes, the card is yours to keep! The player with the most completed cupcakes at the end of the game is the winner.

Why we love it

As you shake the shaker, you develop fine motor skills. This game is also great for shape and colour matching and recognition.

Why kids love it

Cup Cakes are YUM! That’s enough reason to love it.

Play Play Play 

Make a batch of real cupcakes with your children and, while you wait for them to bake, play the game together. When they are ready you can use the dice to help decide how many sprinkles you will use to decorate each one. Yummy yummy!

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