Answers to your common questions

Frequently Asked Questions

My child is struggling at school. How can Learning Ladders help?
We offer intensive, individualised therapy to address each child’s barriers to learning. We assist your child to learn new skills and concepts they may have difficulty learning in a busy classroom.

Unfortunately, many of our children struggle with anxiety and low confidence. Our relationship based, multisensory approach ensures children are engaged and motivated.

What age can my child start at Learning ladders?
We work with children from two years of age for language, behaviour and social skills intervention. We see children all the way through primary to high school and offer literacy and communication intervention for young adults with a variety of learning needs.
How often should my child attend?
We follow a 10 week school term structure. Most students attend once per week; however, some students every fortnight and others attend twice per week. Your child may need to attend during a school holiday period for an assessment or a makeup session. This will be organised directly with your practitioner.
How long is each session?
Most sessions run for 50 minutes. We offer some intensive sessions for language development, behaviour and social skills which run for 1 hour and 40 minutes.
Do I attend with my child?
This varies. Parents are always welcome though we understand this isn’t always suitable or possible. We provide notes and/or videos from the sessions for parents who aren’t able to participate.
Can my child be seen at school?
We provide sessions onsite at some schools. Please contact us if this interests you.
Do you offer online sessions?
We do. We offer sessions via Zoom or Teams and these cover everything that we would work through in a face to face session.
How much does the intervention cost?
We offer a variety of supports for a variety of budgets, depending on need. Supervised intervention with speech pathology students or teacher aides begins at $60 and this increases according to the qualifications and experience of each practitioner. Please contact us for further information.
My child does not have a formal diagnosis of a learning disability. Can you still help?
Most definitely. Some children benefit from a burst of intervention that focuses on their strengths and is based on their individual learning needs to fill in areas they may have missed at school.
Do you support children through the NDIS?
Learning and Language Ladders support some NDIS participants who are self or plan managed to assist with executive functioning, functional communication skills, language processing or memory difficulties.
What is your cancellation policy?
At Learning Ladders we need to ensure consistency of service for all students. The majority of our practitioners have a waiting list, so as such they have availability to provide one-catch-up session per term per student.

Advanced notice of one week is required to reschedule sessions for school camps, holidays etc.

We are happy to provide one-catch-up session per term per student in the case of last minute cancellations or sickness. We are also able to provide our sessions via Zoom. So if you can’t make it into the clinic or school we can move the session online.

How much notice do I need to give if I wish to stop the intervention?
We require two (2) weeks’ notice.