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Kerri Wilson

MSpEd, BEd, BTeach(SpEd), E.T.

Kerri has met rigorous professional requirements in the academic area of special education to qualify as an educational therapist and is a member of the International Association of Educational Therapists. She has 28 years of experience working with children of all ages and is passionate about early intervention.
Kerri works with children with autistic spectrum disorders as well as a wide variety of learning differences. She has worked extensively internationally and in Australia.
Kerri delivers teacher and parent training in linguistic phonics and how to accommodate children with learning challenges in the classroom. She is the founder of Read Write Ready, offering parent training and custom-made resources for young children and children with additional needs.
She is also the mother of two beautiful teenage daughters.

Wendy Webb

B Com, Grad Dip Ed

Wendy has worked in Brisbane as a classroom teacher and in Kununurra, Western Australia as a Literacy and Numeracy Support Teacher. Over the years she has found her passion for working with those who were struggling to learn. Wendy’s lessons are highly structured, yet child centred. She makes learning fun and her results are outstanding. Wendy stated working with Learning Ladders as a Literacy Support Teacher in 2019 as her desire is to help children to improve and become the best they can be.

Monique Mazzella


Monique has worked in education for twenty years, as a classroom teacher and a member of the senior executive team in Sydney before moving to Queensland. She holds a Bachelor of Education from the Australian Catholic University and has taught all ages of primary school students in whole class settings, as well as supporting students with learning difficulties in smaller groups. Monique’s lessons are structured to guide the learner to work independently, providing skills that can be transferred into the classroom.

Dawn Van Den Berg

Post Graduate Certificate in Education

Dawn has taught in various Education Environments over the last 15 years, from working with senior students in a college and training vocational teachers in the UK to working as a student advisor at Queensland University delivering transition workshops and now supporting young people in a school where all learners are on the Autistic Spectrum. Dawn moved to Queensland from the UK via Melbourne six years ago and while working in a Redlands High School she noticed the difficulties autistic students were having with reading and writing and developed her skills to better support them within her aide role. Dawn loves working with all ages, but particularly has a desire to support adults and the very young with learning needs to develop their literacy skills. Living with family members on the Autistic Spectrum has given her a great deal of compassion, patience and practice at helping both the young and adult students progress in their literacy skills journey.

Katrina Holliday


Katrina has worked in education for 19 years after receiving a Bachelor of Education from Australian Catholic University, Brisbane in 2000. She has worked as a classroom teacher in various settings and has experience working with children of all ages and abilities. Katrina is a mum to 3 young boys, one of whom experiences literacy difficulties. After working with her own son and understanding the challenges children face in the classroom, she knew she wanted to help other struggling students and their families. Katrina is passionate about improving literacy outcomes and helping children overcome obstacles in order to improve their self-esteem and reach their full potential. She strongly believes children learn best when they feel happy, safe and valued.

Danielle Kissane

BEd (Primary)

Danielle has worked in education for 8 years. She holds a Bachelor of Education from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) where she graduated with honours in 2009. Danielle has worked as a classroom teacher, with an interest in the early years of primary school. She is enthusiastic to work with children, supporting their individual needs and helping them to achieve confidence in literacy. Danielle is married with two young girls, so understands the importance of each child reaching their full potential. Her lessons are highly engaging and game-based to ensure that children have fun while learning.

Naomi Wehl


Naomi is a passionate advocate of pre-literacy skills. She has worked as an Early Childhood teacher for 19 years, with a background in rural and remote Western Queensland schools. Throughout her career she has worked extensively in P-3 settings, with roles including Teacher, Acting Principal, Curriculum Advisor and Learning Support Teacher.
Her most recent position has been as Director and teacher of her local Kindergarten, in which she enjoyed promoting the value of high quality, all-inclusive learning environments for children prior to starting school.
Naomi has three children, all with very different learning needs. This led her to a passion and wealth of knowledge in teaching and learning for children with diverse learning needs, particularly Boys in Education and ASD. This year, Naomi has joined the Learning Ladders team as a literacy specialist, and looks forward to instilling a love of literacy and language in children.

Jarryd Foote


Educating, empowering and building connections with others has been a recurring theme throughout Jarryd’s professional life. He has worked with children in an array of different capacities over the years, and takes great pride in being a positive and nurturing role model for young children. Jarryd is particularly passionate about helping young people excel in all aspects of literacy and language.
Jarryd holds a BA in Linguistics and his academic interests hinge around language acquisition, phonology and cognitive linguistics.
Jarryd speaks several languages, and is a self-confessed linguistics and language nerd! Jarryd also has over a decade of experience teaching and educating in the fitness industry, specialising in Yoga.   
Jarryd is currently pursuing postgraduate qualifications in education and linguistics.

Kirsty Hannah

Bachelor of Learning Management (Early Childhood)

Kirsty holds a Bachelor of Learning Management (Early Childhood) and has worked with children and their families for thirteen years. As an Early Childhood teacher and a mother of two beautiful girls, she comes with experience in the classroom, kindergartens and Family Day Care. She believes that all children are capable of learning and is passionate about helping children develop strategies to overcome challenges in the classroom and beyond. 

Liz Hunter

BPrimEd, Diploma in Special Needs Education: Learning Difficulties

Liz has been involved in the education sphere since she graduated from Pretoria University, South Africa in 1999 where she received a Bachelor of Primary Education. She also holds a diploma in Special Needs Education: Learning Difficulties. Liz worked as a classroom teacher for 6 years with primary school children and was part of the Learning Support Team. She then left the teaching profession to be an at home mum for a few years to her two children. During this time Liz trained as an Assessor and worked on workplace assessment. She also owned an Educational Resource Company which focused on resources and games to help children learn in a fun and engaged way.
Liz returned to teaching and in conjunction with running her resource company, taught Early Years for the past 6 years. It is specifically during this time that Liz became even more aware of the need for intervention as early as possible. Helping children learn and to develop holistically to their full potential is her passion. She believes that he sooner we can help young children to overcome any difficulties the better.

Caroline Zunic

Literacy And Early Years Specialist Teacher

Caroline has worked with young children and families for over 30 years. She holds an Associate Diploma in Child Care and a Bachelor of Teaching from QUT. She worked for a number of years as a teacher and Director of a childcare centre and as a contract Early Years teacher. Caroline has also co-ordinated many Playgroup Queensland affiliated Playgroups since 1989.
Caroline has a passion to see all children succeed and reach their full potential, and to work together with families to enhance their children’s learning. Caroline is a wife and mother to two lovely young men.

Kate Ford

B.of Human Services: Child and Family Studies, Grad Dip Education: Early Years, Grad Dip Counselling

Kate has a wide range of experience supporting children and families with their educational and wellbeing needs. She is passionate about fostering a love of learning in all children and does this by providing fun and engaging lessons that meet the individual learning goals of each child. As a mother of two herself, Kate knows how important it is for children to feel safe and loved before they can focus on their learning, that’s why she prides herself on ensuring every child feels genuinely cared for in each and every lesson.

Nelia Hennessy

B.OccThy, BEd (PostGrad,Prim)

Nelia has a wide range of experience in several fields, having received a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy from University of Queensland in 1983, and a Bachelor of Education (PostGrad, Primary) from Australian Catholic University in 2003. During that time, she raised a family of 4, including a son, Sean, with Down Syndrome and other health issues. Nelia has volunteered and worked in the refugee sector, where her belief that access to education and the importance of literacy was further strengthened. She has worked in classrooms since 2003, combining OT skills with teaching to implement a sensorimotor program at two different schools. Nelia has been with Learning Ladders since 2015, developing literacy and language skills to a high level. Her son Sean has benefitted from the methods used, and is now able to read and spell – further proof that the Learning Ladders approach benefits all.

Michelle Mullins


Michelle first began her career in teaching in 2008 after graduating from QUT with a Bachelors in Education. She has over 12 years teaching experience both in Australia and abroad. Michelle worked for two and a half years in the UK, specialising in one-on-one literacy intervention for primary-school aged children. Upon returning to Australia, Michelle worked as a classroom teacher in the Queensland Public Schools. She is a Mum to 2 young children and has a passion for Literacy education in early childhood. Michelle strives to make her lessons engaging through her enthusiastic and nurturing attitude.

Natalie Bicknell

BEd, Cert Beh

Natalie has worked in education for over twenty years. She holds a Bachelor of Education from Deakin University, Melbourne, and a Certificate in Behaviour Disorders and Emotional Disturbances from Newcastle University.
Natalie worked as a classroom teacher in Melbourne before deciding that Special Education and working with children who are either struggling academically or socially/emotionally was her calling.
Since then Natalie has worked in a learning support capacity in Sydney, New Zealand and for the last ten years in Brisbane.
Natalie strongly believes that every child deserves the opportunity and support to reach their potential in a safe, nurturing and trusting environment.
Natalie is a volunteer for Rosies Friends on the Street, where she offers her time at the Brisbane Youth Detention Centre, and with the homeless on the streets.

Rebecca Hinschen

Tutor, Therapist Assistant

Bec’s passion and natural talent is engaging with children to find that special little something that unlocks their ability to learn. Bec started working with young children over 25 years ago when she completed her first certification with a Diploma in Child Care and while home with her children, completed certification to become a Teacher Aide. Bec’s focus is on early interventions for children and she has a natural ability to connect with children who are disengaged. She has worked with children on the Autistic spectrum and reading difficulties for over 6 years and more recently, children with Down Syndrome.
Bec connects with children on an individual level and her lessons are highly engaging, motivating and individually planned. She has a genuine love for her work and students. Bec is passionate about early childhood and early interventions. Her goal is to build relationships with children who struggle and build connections so each child can reach their full potential.
Bec cherishes her family time and is a proud mum of three beautiful children and is extremely excited to be expecting her first grandchild in 2020.

Gaylyn Smith

Therapy Support Assistant

Gaylyn feels it is a privilege to be working with children, to help them grow and reach their full potential.
For the past 10 years Gaylyn worked at Aspect South East Sydney school (school for children with Autism) as a Teacher’s Aide, before relocating to Brisbane to live.
Gaylyn has a background in art and is a qualified Graphic Designer / Fine Artist. She is passionate about mixing art into children’s learning experiences.

Kelly Gillin

Allied Health Assistant

Kelly is a qualified Allied Health Assistant in who has a passion for speech, literacy, physio and occupational therapy. Kelly believes early education to be vital. She has both professional and personal experience working with children of varying abilities and is very familiar with the importance of early intervention and support to build the basis of children’s learning. Kelly is passionate about helping every child reach their full potential and continues to expand her horizons and learn new skills; she is currently learning Auslan sign language.

Alice Wilson

Administration, Maths Tutor

Alice is currently studying a Bachelor of Science at the University of Queensland.

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