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“To build each child’s confidence, using our real-world experience to support parents, teachers and carers in preparing their children to be their best future selves.”

Dedicated to Quality Training and Resources

Read Write Ready is dedicated to providing quality training and resources that weave literacy development into a range of different experiences to reach all learners. We provide families and educators with not only the latest research and practice to support their planning but countless new and exciting ideas, activities and games to stimulate learning through touching, moving, listening and observing.

Important Literacy Skills

Through play, we focus on the skills shown by research to be the most important for literacy.

  • Phonological and phonemic awarneness – Reading Ready
  • Oral language – Word Ready
  • Auditory, visual and working memory – Memory Ready
  • Fine motor – Writing Ready
  • Focus and attention – Focus Ready

We Offer

Resource packages designed for homes, centres and classrooms.
Staff training at day care centres, kindies and schools which is tailored to your requirements.
Individual/small group teaching consultations.
Parent information sessions.
Consultancy about children with additional needs.
Lesson modelling.

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As a support teacher, I am often asked by parents what they can do at home to support their child’s learning. We know parents are keen to help their children but many lack the knowledge and ideas to do this in a meaningful and fun way.

Read Write Ready assisted our school to provide an opportunity for our parents to be upskilled.  Read Write Ready brought their expertise to us and collaborated with us to cater for our school’s needs. Our parent workshop evening was a great success!

Madonna Craig
Support Teacher: Inclusive Education
Brisbane Catholic Education

Wow! So many conversations generated at our centre this morning after last nights PD with Kerri and Corinne. We are buzzing with enthusiasm and so appreciative of the informative and hands on session they presented.

The resource tub we purchased is second to none and suitable for working with very young children and right through to prep age. We are subscribing to the monthly resource packs so we can build our resources in a progressive way and we will organise a ‘play date’ with our parents and families early next year.

These ladies are extremely professional and generous with their time and knowledge. Highly recommended 2 hours of professional development, tailor suited for our needs. Thank you.

Janine Corlett
Lady Ramsay Early Learning and Education Centre

As an Early Childhood teacher with over 25 years’ experience, I was extremely impressed with the level of content and the resources provided at the ‘Read Write Ready’ Play Date.

This session is a must for every educator and every parent who wants to provide their child/ren with a strong platform for literacy learning and development.

Michelle Luhrmann
Director of Early Learning – Sheldon College